All the organizations involved in the project will have specific dissemination tasks and will be directly involved in making the result visible for all the target groups. The applicant organization will have the main responsibility for the dissemination activities.

The dissemination will take the form of presentations, distributions of information material, seminars, participation in high visibility events at local / national/ European level, social networking etc.

Dissemination Plan (click here)

The project results will be disseminate to:

  1. Students from the secondary schools as direct beneficiaries of this proposal,
  2. University students who continued their education and it includes learning mathematics,
  3. Teachers, especially those who teach mathematics, but also the ones that could use the method in their everyday work and link mathematics with their field of teaching,
  4. School managers and other decision-makers in the educational sector,
  5. Societies, unions and mathematical associations including our partners,
  6. Parents and custodians,
  7. The community and all relevant stakeholders,
  8. Press and the media
  9. The public


Dissemination activities

  1. Project website development and promotion.
  2. Communicate the project through the consortium network and its members.
  3. Communicate the project to teachers, pupils, parents, citizens, using different communication tools such as data bases of emails of schools, parent associations’ contacts, newsletters / flyers development, social media, bookmarks, radio / TV, etc.
  4. Newsletters / flyers to be produced in the project languages and distributed electronically.
  5. Some printed newsletters / flyers will be developed in English for horizontal use.
  6. Presentations in conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops.
  7. Develop generic Power Point presentations for the project to be used by partners. After the first year develop workshop material to be offered in the form of a short course. Advertisement to Schools, Ministries of Education, LLP National Agencies,
  8. Math Societies, Local and regional authorities, Embassies, Think Tanks, etc. Promote the MathLabyrinth Course to schools in Europe and beyond.
  9. Press release in project languages.
  10. Press conferences.
  11. Promote information in the partner languages.
  12. Develop an excel spread sheet exported from an online system, for reporting all the dissemination practices of the consortium partners.


Open access requirement for all materials

All the intellectual outputs of this project will be available to the public free of charge during the project and at least 3 years after, with no limitation regarding the usage of those information or resources, including OER (except, of course, the quotation of the authors and the project that allowed the development of those resources, in order to further disseminate the information about the project).