The output will last from the beginning of the project until its end. It will contain all the data and instruments relevant for testing and evaluation of the project’s results and its outputs. As part of analysis and testing the following elements are going to be evaluated:

– needs analysis of students and teachers (it will include testing the level of students’ skills and competences necessary for the period of their secondary education; the syllabus for the national examinations for testing the level of knowledge in Math in Italy, Macedonia and Bulgaria in particular; through questionnaires the teachers competences and knowledge of different ICT tools will be evaluated and the needs for professional development of the teachers who teach maths)

– output evaluation (there will be progress reports for evaluation of each output using relevant instruments for measuring the extent to which the goals of each output are reached; in particular it will include testing of the design of the methodology for the interactive book and the e-learning platform)

– this output will include pilot testing of the effectiveness of using the interactive book during the mathematical summer camps that will be held in the three countries that represent the partners from the secondary schools, Italy, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

– feedback from students (questionnaires for students who will take part in the summer camp before the beginning of the activities and after its completion)

– feedback from teachers (interviews and questionnaires for teachers who will lead the activities during the summer camps about their expectations before the camp and to which extent they are satisfied after it finishes)

– survey for teachers and students who will use the method implemented in their curricula and as extra-curricular activities

– the development of the course and its testing will be an element for an evaluation report as a final output of the project (instruments for evaluation of the learning outcomes would be given to participants in the training activities)

– evaluation of the project (through progress and final reports the whole project will be evaluated in every stage of its implementation

– the figures from the visits to the platform and social media will also be part of the overall evaluation of the project


(November 2015 – October 2017)