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This output involves development of an at least 80 pages Guidelines for the MATH Labyrinth method for students and teachers who would implement it as a teaching tool and use it in their everyday work, inside and outside of the classroom. It will also help them develop their competences for using ICT tools in a new and innovative manner as means for enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics.

It will be developed to a great extent by the teachers who made the selection of problems included in the interactive book and they would elaborate the methodology of coming to the solution, the applications used, the software and other ICT tools that are most relevant for achieving the desired results.

As beneficiaries of this output, teachers and students will use this method independently, they will be introduced to the contents and the methodology of solving the problems in the Interactive book. The methods for presentation of the problems and understanding them, as well defining the directions for moving forward in this labyrinth of tasks and hints would be included in the Guidelines. It will also include the advantages that teachers and students would gain by using this method.

As objectives of the Guidelines for students and teachers we expect that students would meet some goals like:

– gaining understanding and appreciation of the subject mathematics,

– having positive attitude towards mathematics,

– having greater curiosity and motive to learn mathematics,

– contributing to mathematical discussions,

– using mathematical problems and solutions for everyday situations,

Teachers would assist their students in achieving the objectives, and at the same time they would develop an atmosphere for understanding this particular subject. They will be able to develop professionally and use this method as a tool to enrich their teaching.

As an additional material it would contain some video presentations of solving mathematical problems, directions towards the solution which would be available on the web platform that is part of this proposal.


(December 2016 – October 2017)