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Mathigon is part interactive textbook and part virtual personal tutor. Using cutting-edge technology and an innovative new curriculum, we want to make learning mathematics more active, personalised and fun.



NRich – is a collection of resources for teachers, students, and parents. It is hosted by the University of Cambridge. This site  promote learning mathematics through problem solving. The following description about their resources in the Teaching Guide page should be enough make you signup to them. It’s free!




Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.




A+ Click helps students become problem solvers. No fees, no ads, no calculators, and no sign in. The website features a graduated set of 5000+ challenging problems for students in grades one through twelve, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The questions are based on the Common Core Standards in Math and go beyond by adding hundreds of meaningful practical problems and brainteasers.

The questions concentrate on understanding, spatial reasoning, usefulness, and problem solving rather than math rules and theorems. The problems include a short description and an illustration to help problem solvers visualize the model. The problems can be solved within one minute and without using a calculator.



The Klein Project blog is a collection of vignettes written for secondary school mathematics teacher. The blog is unique in the sense that unlike other blogs for teachers, “the vignette is not about pedagogy, but inspires good teaching. It is not about curriculum, but it challenges teachers to reconsider what they teach. It is not a resource for classroom use, but source of inspiration upon which teachers can draw. The goal is to refresh and enrich teachers’ mathematical knowledge.” Each vignette starts with something with which the teacher is familiar and then move towards a greater understanding of the subject through a piece of interesting mathematics. It will ultimately illustrate a key principle of mathematics.



Math Goodies is a math help website featuring free interactive lessons, worksheets, games and puzzles. A pioneer of interactive instruction, our goodies have received rave reviews from the media! Today, we have hundreds of instructional resources for educators, students and parents.


This site provides a large collection of online resources designed to help students succeed in their mathematical endeavors. While Oxford students are the intended audience, anyone interested in learning undergraduate mathematics may find the site useful.



Math challeges, Games, Books, Arts, Algebrac Surgaces, Geogebra.



Math web platform contain mathematical contents:Math logic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Math analysis.
Easier learning of mathematical tasks. All lessons and math formulas in one place. Mastering the mathematical skills. Online solving tasks.



Mathematical Web platform that includes the following topics: Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Probability and Statistics, Derivatives and integrals, Matrices, analytical geometry, numerical mathematics, logic and objectives of the state graduation. All content is supplemented by formulas explanation, tasks and videos for easy learning of mathematical skills.



Mathematical web platform content: Instructions for using the GeoGebra, Geometric constructions of triangle and rectangle in GeoGebra, Simulators.



Create a Classroom Wiki for Mathematics with GeoGebra
– e-Learning Math Modules with GeoGebra
– Construct with GeoGebra
– Holidays and Fun with GeoGebra
– Simulators – DIY and Classroom
– Learn and Teach GeoGebra
– YouTube Videos, Teacher Tube Videos.



The NCETM Portal contains excellent resources and support tools for math teachers continuing professional development.

Portal contains collection of research study modules and also Personal Learning section which includes the Professional Learning Framework, Self-evaluation Tools, as well as a Personal Learning Space for anyone registered with the NCETM, which is free. You can use these self-evaluation tools to check your and your understanding of the mathematics you are teaching and to explore ideas on how to develop your practice.



“Learn Mathematics” is a website that has:
– Resolved to text jobs
– Quizzes for checking knowledge
– competitions.

Contain more material for primary education .





Wolfram Demnstrations projects. To open this type of file you need Wolfram CDF Player or Mathematika.



Demonstrations in Geogebra.



This site is NOT about making mathematics easy because it isn’t. It is about making it make sense because it does.



Math TV is a platform that features a wide range of math videos covering a plethora of mathematical concepts. These videos are browsable via topic or by textbook.



Math Central is an Internet service for mathematics students and teachers. This site is maintained by faculty and students in Mathematics and Statistics and Mathematics Education at the University of Regina in Canada.



Interesting way of learning math for students with visualistaions and demonstrations.



TenMarks provides students with access to hints and video lessons on every problem, so if they can’t recall something, or didn’t quite get the topic when it was covered in class, they can quickly review the content, and move forward.



This is a community of teachers, mathematicians, researchers, students, and parents using the power of the Web to learn math and improve math education. The forum offers a wealth of problems and puzzles; online mentoring; research; team problem solving; collaborations; and professional development. Students have fun and learn a lot. Educators share ideas and acquire new skills.



Math-Aids is a free resource for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. The math worksheets are randomly and dynamically generated by our math worksheet generators. This allows you to make an unlimited number of printable math worksheets to your specifications instantly.



HomeschoolMath.net is a comprehensive math resource site for homeschooling parents, parents, and teachers that includes free math worksheets, lessons, online math games lists, ebooks, a curriculum guide, reviews, and more. The resources emphasize understanding of concepts instead of mechanical memorization of rules.



Website of the Croatian language. Covered videos and objectives for secondary education.



Website of the English language. Mathematical web platform. Procedure for solving problems with steps.



This is Serbian web site which also has an english version where students in secondary schools and universities can find solved and completely explained mathematical problems, clasified by classes and math disciplines they belong to. There are also video tutorials with solved problems and online test for the students. The site offeres student support in a way students can ask questions and give math problems on the forum on this site and the explanation about the problem will be given to them.



On this site students and teachers can find lectures, exercises, interesting math problems and notations, math applications and other resources useful for teaching and learning math. Not all matherials are free and with open access.



An interactive web site with solved math examples and, what is more useful, with interactive math applications.



Video tutorials with an explanation about how to solve given math problem. There are problems belonging to different math disciplines.


The video shows how the geometry is present in  territory of region of Sava, Italy. Castles, churches, ancient and modern monuments, plantations: the geometric shapes and maths govern our landscapes.  The video was made by  students from School Oreste Del Prete, Sava, Italy.



On this web platform you will find lessons and exercises of algebra, logic, matrices, geometry, analytic geometry.



This site contains math test, math quizzes, a placement test section dedicated to college and high school. Tests of mathematical analysis but also geometry, logic, physics, computer science tests, online test for the ECDL, the European Computer Driving Licence, several exercises carried out in all areas of mathematics, from middle school to university.



This website offers arithmetic,logic and geometry games for younger students and self-correcting tests of analysis and analytic geometry, interactive lessons of dynamic geometry , goniometry and geometric transformations for older students.



This website contains an extensive collection of online texts and exercises distinguished for significant methodologies and math tabs which organize  the main contents.



Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (УчИМИ) was established in September 2000, which was declared by UNESCO for World Year of Mathematics. Each student works on his chosen theme (project) in mathematics, informatics or Information technologies individually or in a team, alone or with a scientific teacher. The projects are written (Computer editor) and with electronic copy the developments are sent to (УчИМИ) for participation in the competition session.



Program for solving determinants, rank, inverse matrix and solving systems of linear equations.



Bulgariam site which helps students do their homework in Maths  .



Site  for students, teachers, and parents who have problems in Maths.



This web platform offer hundreds of free videos featuring AoPS founder Richard Rusczyk. Below are videos aligned to our Prealgebra text, the first half of our Introduction to Algebra text, and our Introduction to Counting & Probability text. All of these videos are hosted on YouTube, most on the Art of Problem Solving channel and the MATHCOUNTS videos on the MATHCOUNTS channel.



German site for  Leaning in Maths -online.


The Project Maths in Ireland

The “Project Maths” aims at the provision of resources to teachers and students in Ireland, providing thus a forum for professional development of teachers and support of the students in the prost-primary level. One aspect of these resources is provided through the webpage:
A major part of these resources concentrates on problem solving for students at the post-primary level. As it is specified by the project
“Problem solving is an important skill which students should be encouraged to develop over a period of time. With careful planning it is possible to move from a classroom environment where individual lessons are devoted to problem-solving to one where the majority of the teaching and learning is done through problem solving. In this way students experience problem-solving on a daily basis, get into the habit of thinking about their maths and to applying knowledge they already have to tackle something new. This also helps them to see how different topics in maths are connected.”

The platform provides material for the teachers and activities for the students for teaching and learning mathematics. In particular there are sections for problem solving. In these sections problems are presented that relate to everyday uses of mathematics as well as methodological approaches for their solution.

  • The emphasis of the project is on the learning of mathematics in general  and  the methodologies and strategies for problem solving are not very explicit.
  •  In the resources provided there is a connection with the use of mathematics (and problem solving) in the real world. Furthermore there are comments and explanations  on the process of solving problems.



The project COMPASS (Common Problem Solving Strategies as Links between Mathematics and Science) was developed as a project funded by EU programmes. The goal of COMPASS is to provide teachers with interdisciplinary teaching materials which link mathematics and science. With the materials students can analyse and discuss problems relevant to society and their everyday lives. The whole project as well as the material produced can be found on the webpage:
The whole idea and a brief explanation can also be found on the webpage of SCIENTIX:

The Project aims to support teachers in developing problems that connect science and mathematics with each other and most crucially with the lives of the students.
The teaching units emphasize problem solving and enquiry-based learning through tasks which engage students with important concepts bridging mathematics and science.

  • It emphasizes the connection of mathematics with science, thus creating a difficulty for the teachers to adopt it, since this means they have to work more hardly.
  • There are a number of facilities, provided in the project (worksheets etc) that can help in developing problem solving skills
    The connection of mathematics with science consists an incentive for both learning of mathematics as well as developing problem solving skills.



Web math platform. It is a forum for greek mathematicians.



Web math platform including introductory, intermediate and contest mathematics.



In each issue, you can find a math olympiad paper, an article or two on math olympiad topics and a problem corner.



Mathematics Journals with Online Problem Columns.



Mathematical Competitions
Mathematical Problems – Problem Solving